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Lolitas Dark Portal

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 23:06:03From: Kevin None of your business Subject: Down on Dyke Road 5"How was it?"Richard sat next to me in a small clearing we'd found off the pedestriantrail by the river. We'd met Sunday morning, as planned, at "our spot".That, of course, was the parking area on Dyke Road just off the river wherewe'd spent about half an hour two days earlier just kissing softly andsweetly and with so much passion. The same spot where I'd slid down to myknees and sucked his cock into my mouth and immediately been treated to ariver of salty cum!He'd been waiting for me, obviously anxious to have more sexy fun, andriding his bike, to my delight. I'd been a little late getting up, and myass was still a little bit tender from yesterday's fucking at the hands (orshould I say cock?) of Brad, so it'd taken more effort for me to ride andI'd arrived a few minutes after our scheduled 9:00 a.m. meeting time.Richard told me on the way to this private area that he was so horny for methat he'd been really worried when I didn't show up early, like he had. Ismiled from ear to ear, almost blushing at the thought of this masculine sexmachine desiring me so much that his impetuousness came out like that!The ride to our hideaway had taken about fifteen minutes, during which wedidn't speak very much, but we did both take the time to fall behind theother so we could admire each Lolitas Dark Portal other's asses. When we finally made itthrough the scrub and entered the hidden clearing, he hadn't waited for ourbikes to actually hit the ground and create a noise before he'd wrapped hisarms around me and was kissing my lips. It took me by surprise, but it wasa delicious one at that!We kissed for awhile, each tasting the other's mouth, teasing and playingwith our tongues, our lips mashing together and making that "smacking" noisethat filled the otherwise quiet part of the woods. His hands were all overmy back, pulling me to him with a direct firmness. He was plainly aroused,his cock stretching his spandex shorts and bumping into mine. We bothpressed into each other, truth be told. I loved the feeling of rubbing mypillar of flesh into his. It turned me on!This was serious business for him, I could tell. The intensity of his kiss;the ferocity of his hands as they stroked and caressed my back and my ass;the passion with which he was humping into me, his hips Lolitas Dark Portal crashing forward tomeet mine, showed me that he had much to give me, and that perhaps this hadbeen building up for some time. When he'd first approached Thursday, I'dsomehow gotten it into my head that he Lolitas Dark Portal was an introverted person, judginghim in that instantaneous way we humans do when we know nothing aboutsomeone else but see them for a second or two. Little things we perceivethat form an instant impression, a prejudice; a subconscious reference tosomeone or something in our past or our cultural scope of history. I hadjust assumed he was a schoolteacher or a scientist, scholarly to be Lolitas Dark Portal sure,from the austerity of his presence when he'd approached that late afternoon.Of course, I later learned that he could be intense, when he was staringso longingly into my eyes as I rubbed his hard penis through this shorts.Still, I had this fear in my mind that he Lolitas Dark Portal was more on the quiet side, andthat perhaps our previous encounter had been a once-in-a-lifetime event.So much to my delight, I was being proven wrong. He was almost drowning mein the delightful fury of the moment. This was as important as life itselfto Richard, and I fairly shivered at my luck for being involved in it.As we were making out, wrapped in each other, we managed to shuffle over afew feet to a log, worn down over the years by other people, perhaps engagedin similar activities Richard and I were, and sat down. He sat first, and Ifollowed, basically with him pulling me into his lap. Not that I wascomplaining! Even though I still bore some tenderness from my time withBrad yesterday, I was inflamed with lust and I really wanted to feelRichard's cock again, and this time inside me in the most intimate way ofall!His hands moved to my stomach and lower back. His touch was purposeful anddirect, with a lot of force behind it. He was truly manipulating my body,squeezing and moving my muscles and skin with pressure, making me know thatI was for his use at that moment. I was really fucking turning me on!Our kiss was even more intense and animated now too. His mouth waspractically gulping at mine, Lolitas Dark Portal like he was trying to swallow my mouth so hecould firmly plant his tongue inside me at his own pleasure. I wasoverwhelmed with Lolitas Dark Portal his passion, and quickly decided to completely surrenderany movement or action to him. He was leading me wherever and however hewanted, I went limp in his lap and allowed him to literally take me.He didn't disappoint.His hand found my groin now, and he firmly began caressing my balls andpenis, his breath catching just a little at his first touch of my shaft. Myshorts were tight, the Lycra stretching to it's limit, so much so that eventhe veins on the outside of my cock were evident. And under his rubbing, Iwas harder than I'd ever been before. He took a deep breath through hisnose, so as not to let his mouth leave mine, and slipped his hands inside myshorts. He did it with such earnestness that they slid down my thighs, orperhaps more appropriately, he forced them down my legs. I lifted my buttslightly when it was obvious they couldn't go any further, and then theywere near my ankles.His hand found my cock, and began stroking up and down in strong forcefulmotions. He was really giving it to me, getting really aggressive andphysical. It was driving me wild, in combination with the kiss, where I wasbasically his for the taking, which he was doing. I couldn't remember atime ever when I was giving my mouth and tongue and throat to anyone likethis, his lips and tongue everywhere at the same time, devouring me.I was afloat on sensory overload. My mind was racing with delirium andcompletely at calm and peace simultaneously. I was in that zone wherepleasure was paramount and nothing else mattered, and that's when I got aneven bigger surprise.He pulled his mouth off mine, immediately bent over, and practically inhaledmy cock into his lips. The wetness of his mouth, which I'd helped to createwith my tongue and saliva during our mind-blowing kiss, only helped to makeme feel like I was sticking my cock into the warmest wettest piece of heavenI'd ever found! I groaned, for only a second, and started pumping my cuminto his mouth, the pressure of my orgasm so overwhelming that I lifted upon my toes, pushing my lower body higher, forcing all my cock straight upand into his throat at the same time. For a second, I feared I might beliterally blowing his head off!But it was the other way around. He'd sensed my closeness, my impendingblast, and desired my cum so much that when the first particle of saltygoodness hit his tastebuds he started sucking like he was consuming theessence of life. Each drop of cream I could shoot out, and I swear it musthave been a quart of more, found it's way into his stomach, first beingswished around his mouth, enjoyed and cherished, before being swallowed. Amore perfect blowjob I'd never had. He literally consumed my seed, suckedout the very sexual core of me.It was breathtaking, and I was breathless. The strength he showed inholding me this way, all my weight on him, while I released myself into him,and the way he continued to hold me after I'd finished cumming, holding meto his chest, letting my senses return to somewhere near normal, was soremarkable.I Lolitas Dark Portal could hear him swallowing again, and I could only imagine that he wasenjoying the remaining traces of cum that I'd given him. Swishing thestrands of cum over his palette, taking the salt and protein out of it andsending everything down, like I would!We sat for a few moments, his hands continuing to caress me with vigor.Strong physical rubs, nothing subtle about them. He still directed theintensity of our interlude, and was telling me so in his ministrations.I finally found the energy to speak."That was fucking amazing." I kissed his neck softly, reveling in hismassages."It's been so long since I've done that," he whispered, "I had no idea howmuch I've missed it."Despite my still raging erection, I wanted to know more about him."How long has it been for you?"He didn't want to answer immediately, and I could sense that pressing him onthe answer would possibly turn him off, so I didn't ask again. The silencebetween was broken only by bursts of wind through the leaves, the occasionalfar-off bark of a dog, the shriek of a gull circling overhead.Finally, he spoke. "Over twenty-five years. I had relations with otheryoung men while I was in university. Then I met my wife in my senior year.Well, my ex-wife now.""You're divorced?""Yes, I am. Does that bother you?"I looked up into his eyes, confused and concerned. "No, why would thatbother me? You've seen my ring, right?" I asked holding up my left hand."You know that I'm married, don't you?"Richard Lolitas Dark Portal leaned over and softly kissed me. "Yes, of course. I knew it assoon as you stepped out of the car.""So why do you think I wouldn't like you being divorced?"He shrugged. "I'm not sure. Perhaps it's just admitting my imperfectionsthat's embarrassing. Anyway, I graduated and married and put all that intomy past. We had plans for children, and it just wasn't done in our circleof society. But I missed it. I missed it so much."I smiled, and kissed him on the side of the neck. "I could tell!"A sincere and genuine laugh came out of his chest. He ran his hand down andsqueezed my penis, beginning to grow again. "Smart ass," he giggled."So, you missed it?""Oh god, yes. I repressed it, I pushed it down inside myself. Yet I wentthrough my life seeing men I wanted to be with, passing up every chancethere might have been to fuck again, to suck cock again, to kiss again, likeI did with you the other day. Now that," he said with a lilt to his voice,"was an amazing comeback!"I sat up in surprise. "That was your first time in over twenty-five years?With me?"Richard pulled me in and kissed my mouth, his tongue entering me again,touching each and every part of me. When he broke the kiss, his pleasurewas evident. "Young man, you've unleashed the lion in me again. For twentyyears I had sex with my wife, a lovely woman with no passion, no love forsex, no lust. Sex with other men was the most, um, dramatic...the mostintense and pleasurable, that I'd ever had, and I certainly couldn't findanything like it with women. I tried with Brenda, tried to bring that Lolitas Dark Portal outof her, but she either didn't have it or just wouldn't use it."Sadly, I knew what he spoke of. Lolitas Dark Portal My relationship with my wife is much thesame. Disappointing in the most basic of human qualities; the ability togive and receive pure sensual pleasure."After my divorce, my workload, and the fact that I've been out of the scenefor so long meant I haven't dated anyone, man or woman, or had any sexualactivity for that matter." He sighed slightly. "And then I ran by your carand saw your eyes." He sighed again. "Your eyes seemed to hit me in a wayI'd not experienced before. I kept running, but all I could think about wasthe look on your face, the openness and desire. I actually had a roaringerection instantly, which made it a little difficult to jog!"Smiling, I nodded. "I seem to have that glow lately!""You surely do."If he only knew, I thought gleefully!"I ran on for awhile, but kept returning to the feeling I had from your lookat me. I knew you were gazing at my ass, I just knew it. Weren't you?""Oh fuck yes, I was instantly attracted to it."He laughed. "I thought so. And I wanted it. That taste came back to mylips, that thirst for it. So, I cut my run short, and turned to run back.I had no Lolitas Dark Portal idea if you were still here, or even if I'd read your signalscorrectly, but I was damn sure going to find out! I purposefully stoppedclose to you, taking some time to stretch out and have some water. I wantedyou to see me again. Something inside me just wanted to show you how muchyou turned me on!""And the rest is history!" I giggled."And the rest is history." He kissed me again, and this time my hand fellto his crotch, where his cock still stood, like a tree trunk, waiting for mymouth. There didn't seem to be much more need for conversation.I left his mouth, and kissed his neck. Then his chest. His nipples werealready hard, and I bathed them in saliva and bit gently on them, bringingsubtle sounds from him. Meanwhile, my hand was working at his runningshorts, the silky fabric barely containing his meat missile. He stoodslightly, and between the two of us his shorts were on the ground inseconds. My heart leaped to my chest with delight. The precum was flowingout of his pee-hole and cascading down the curved purple head of his penislike a volcano giving off the nectar of the gods. I don't think my kneeshad actually hit the ground yet when the head of his cock entered between mylips. The salty seed had the most incredible odor, and my mouth watered atthe instant of tasting it. Applying my suction, because I HAD to have thiscum inside my mouth, I ran Lolitas Dark Portal my tongue around the entire circumference of hishelmet to collect all of it.Richard moaned out loud, and roughly ran his fingers through my hair,pushing my head down at the same time. Lolitas Dark Portal I wanted his seed in my mouth again,like two nights ago, but I also wanted him inside my ass, because I knew itwould be a much more physical and forceful fuck than I'd had with Brad, andI wanted it. I wanted it bad!He'd called me a sexy bitch the other night, and now I was going to show himhow much of one I was! Swallowing his cock right to the back of my throat,and marveling at the heat the skin on his shaft was giving off, I planned mynext move. I made two more complete sucks of his delicious penis, from thetip right down to the base, sucking as hard and violently as I could, I thenjumped up and turned in one motion, presenting my open (and tender) assholefor his cock.Richard reacted with sexual instinct, and within in a second or two he'dimpaled himself in me, pulling my body into his, both of us bent at thewaist. I could feel his chest hair against my back, the grip he had on myhips, as he drove his cock into me as hard and as fast as he could, thenholding it all the way inside me."Ooooh, I'm gonna fuck my sexy bitch today" he growled, pulling out all theway and then ramming back into me again, harder this time. His fingers wereactually bruising the skin on my hips as he grabbed onto me, pulling andpushing at me like I was a lifeless love doll.He was fucking me, the most basic and animalistic way he knew. Like astallion mounting his mare, Richard began thrusting into me again.SMACK! His body slapped into mine, and I shook everywhere from the force.SMACK! He slammed into me again.This man was lost in his own passion, oblivious of his surroundings and hiscircumstance.SMACK! We both grunted at the collision.Despite the fact that I knew he wasn't, the sheer physicality of how Richardwas fucking me made me think that he was actually bigger than Brad'senormous cock. I was loving this kind of sex! I mean, Brad had been soromantic, and so passionate in his sophisticated way, and I loved being withhim. He literally made love to me, which thrilled me to my toes!But this man was different! Richard owned my ass today, in this clearing inthe woods, a few hundred feet from the river. He owned me. It was evidentin every action, every nuance. I was his pussy bitch, his fuck toy. I wasthere for his Lolitas Dark Portal pleasure, which he was taking from me with every violentthrust of his hips.SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!There are no words to fully describe it. It simply was fucking, incarnate.As ritualistic and real as anything could be on this planet. The joining oftwo people, for no other reason that their own selfish and visceralpleasure.His grip on me increased with every stroke of his cock into my tenderasshole. I didn't care, it didn't matter to me that I would be sore for afew days. Who cares about that shit? I was getting fucked for the secondtime in two days, when before there had been none, and I was discovering myaddiction to it! All I could think about, all that consumed me, was feelingthis cock inside me, banging against my ass, spearing into my body, andfinally spewing it's hot sticky load into my bowels.About ten minutes later, after he'd cum and cum and cum and almost passedout from his pleasure, after we'd both licked up my second orgasm (producedwith no touching, mind you), after we'd filled our senses with moretongue-teasing kisses, he remembered my date with Brad, and asked me thequestion."How was it?"I beamed I suppose. His reaction was an enormous grin."I loved it. Just like I loved it with you now.""Did you fuck him?"Shaking my head, I think I actually blushed. "No, he and I seem to havefallen into our roles, and he's the top, no question about it." I wasn'tembarrassed, and told Richard that. I wouldn't want it any other way, andbelieve me, I wanted it! I'd already made plans to meet Brad again sometimelater in the week."Does that mean...?""NO!" I stopped him in mid-sentence. Lolitas Dark Portal "There's no way I'm not going to seeyou again. You and I have a different frenzy about our sex, and I love thatso much! Please don't tell me you don't want to fuck me again!"His elation was evident. The bulge in his shorts grew huge again, and herubbed it for me, shamelessly. "No, I want to fuck you again, so very verymuch. And I want you to fuck me too, if you want to."Moving to Richard, I pressed my mouth to his, pulling his body and minetogether again, feeling his cock swelling even more."Just tell me what day, baby. I'll be there."End of Down on Dyke Road Part 5More to come.kevin_bhotmail.com
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